F R E E D O M - U N I V E R S E

Looking toward the Southwest
Freedom-Universe is an Egalitarian Intentional Community in the making, on 40 rural acres in north central Arizona.

This community is being built on a foundation of personal relationships based on shared values such as Conviviality, Social Tolerance, Equality, Honesty, and Non-Violence.

Members can only join as sovereign individuals. There is no membership category available for traditional monogamous couples (married or not). Whatever consenting adult members agree to do (share) with each other is considered ethical and fair. Egalitarian Polyfidelity inside of Sacred Sexuality is the family structure for the Freedom-Universe Tribe. The religious idea of "original sin" is not embraced here. The nude human body is not viewed as obscene, and in support of that view, this is a clothing optional tribe/family.

Environmental and economic sustainability will be pursued using renewable energy, sustainable building materials & techniques, permaculture, organic/bio-dynamic gardening, and income-sharing.

You can find additional information about Freedom-Universe at the online Communities Directory hosted by the Fellowship for Intentional Communities (FIC). The FIC is a great resource for intentional community seekers. The FIC also Publishes "Communities Magazine" among the many services it provides. In the Communities Directory you can search the database for specific kinds of intentional communities using keywords, such as co-housing, egalitarian (income sharing), geographic locations, size, or other criteria you may have, and begin building a list of communities to visit.

The Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC), is an organization promoting intentional communities where all members live at the same standard of living (income sharing).


Greed and deception are reinforced in any system of economic hierarchy, whether it is capitalism, Nazism, fascism, communism/totalitarianism, or outright dictatorship (due to the erroneous cultural conditioning that competition is the only process that creates technological advances and improves economic prosperity). In an economic hierarchy, deception is observable in almost every marketing pitch made, where the goal is increasing consumerism, thereby redistributing the bulk of the wealth of the planet to an increasingly smaller percentage of its inhabitants. Correspondingly, this is to the economic detriment of the increasingly larger segment of the population now living below Maslow's basic hierarchy of needs, i.e., in poverty. Freedom-Universe will represent a model of egalitarian cooperation and sharing embodying the value of "love thy neighbor as thyself," instead of competition, greed and deception.









In Peace, Love, and Solidarity with #OCCUPY,

kya (aka Frank U Farmer)

twitter: @freedomuniverse

Looking South East from top of west ridge

High desert flowers in October

Site of Future Corbelled Domes

Gym free weights and machines

Red Spider Gurl on sentry duty

Red Spider Gurl waits

Red Spider Gurl weights

Red Spider Gurl contemplating Kya

Red Spider Gurl contemplating herself in the mirror

Kya, in the blink of an eye

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